Beyond Licensure: Teacher Leadership Opportunities

Beyond the classroomWe want our educators to thrive and grow, right alongside their students. To that end, we are always focusing on continued, accessible professional growth for our educators.

Leadership Opportunities for Current Teachers

Oregon has passed new laws that create a teacher leader license designating that its holder is qualified to provide leadership that may include mentoring, curriculum development support, teacher preparation support and other educational leadership. Learn more.



Linguistic Diversity

The diversity of Oregon’s students in public schools continues to increase. According to data from the Limited English Proficient (LEP) Collection for 2013-14, 57,376 English Learners* (10.24% of all K-12 students) reported a language of origin other than English. Teachers who are bilingual and personally understand language acquisition are key in supporting Oregon’s growing English language learners.  

Although Spanish is the second-most common language found in Oregon, there are at least 28 other commonly spoken languages in our schools.

Research reported by the Washington Post showed that having a Hispanic, bilingual teacher not only helped ELs comprehend academic material, but increased attendance and graduation rates among that group, as well. In essence, students tend to benefit from teachers who both speak their language and reflect their culture.

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