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Ready to Teach in Oregon: College Grad, Career Change or Certified in Another State

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Already Earned Your Bachelor’s Degree?

Congrats on earning your bachelor’s degree! We know your drive and dedication will serve you well in our classrooms. But what if you are now interested in becoming an Oregon teacher. Let’s talk about:

  • Finding the best type of teacher prep program for someone who has already earned a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Importance of volunteering while you are earning your licensure. To understand what the job of a teacher is like and to decide if it is right for you, spend some time volunteering in a classroom. Contact a local school to help you spend time shadowing a teacher or volunteering in a classroom. Although experiences like summer camps and youth programs are helpful, they do not give you the best insights on the responsibilities held by a teacher or help you consider what grade levels fit you the best. Many teacher education programs require volunteer experience as part of their admission requirements.
  • Tests you will need to take to be licensed to teach in Oregon.
  • What about paid Internships? Districts can request restricted teaching licenses for qualified individuals who have content expertise and do not have licenses, but such staff must complete the requirements for an initial teaching license within three years. See rules.
  • Planning for college costs is one step but there are additional costs affiliated with teacher preparation programs. Use this guide to learn more about Estimating Costs to Become a Teacher. You will also need to plan for additional costs related to teacher licensure.

Career Change to Teaching

Ready for change? As a potential career changer, you will bring a unique background and valuable experience to our Oregon students. We thank you for the initiative and the passion that brings you to this journey. Here’s what you need to know to get started:

Becoming a Career and Technical Educator

For professionals coming from industry without a 4 year degree, this Pathway guide can help you take your next steps and this chart helps you estimate tuition and fees involved in becoming a CTE teacher.

New to Oregon?

Perhaps you have been a teacher in another state for many years. Or, you hope to teach here in your first ever educator role. Things to know include:

  • Out-of-state applicants are eligible for comparable certification in Oregon, but must get a “Reciprocal Teaching License”. Learn more.
  • Important timelines and expectations for renewing your teaching license in Oregon. Once you earn your teaching license, you will be expected to keep it current and renew based on guidelines provided by the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission. Learn more.
  • Support you may be eligible for throughout the process:
  • Financial support and grants.
    • Mentoring – The Oregon Department of Education hosts an Oregon Mentoring Project that is funded at 11 million dollars in 2015-17. The project provides individualized support to first- and second-year teachers, principals and superintendents to assist in developing effective educators and administrators that are responsive to the diverse academic needs and cultural backgrounds of all students. Not all school districts offer the program, some have developed their own programs and these may not meet the national standards under which the Oregon Mentor Project operates. More information.
  • Leadership opportunities are available for educators in Oregon. Oregon has passed new laws that create a teacher leader license designating that its holder is qualified to provide leadership that may include mentoring, curriculum development support, teacher preparation support and other educational leadership. More information.
  • Compensation information. The Oregon School Boards Association compiles salary information annually and provides a report that shares salaries by size of school district student (ADM-Average Daily Membership). In 2014-2015 salaries for new teachers with a Bachelor’s degree ranged from $32,295 to $36,219 and from $35,986 to $$40,520 for new teachers with a Master’s degree.
  • Job Opportunities. Find current information on teaching jobs in Oregon.
  • Teacher shortage areas are reported annually and show the following areas where there are greater needs in the state. Teacher Shortage Areas in Oregon by Academic Disciplines or Subject Matter (2013-14 though 2015-16) include:
      • Bilingual/English Language Learner
      • Mathematics
      • School Nurse
      • Science
      • Spanish
      • Special Education
      • Speech Pathologist

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