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Recent High School Grads Hoping to Teach in Oregon

Thinking about a career as a teacher? We believe our state’s future is nothing without good educators. By becoming a teacher here you will:

  • Enjoy an exciting career
  • Earn a stable living
  • Inspire our next generation of students
  • Influence the community you serve

You will make a difference, open doors, change lives.

Be The Game Changer Every Kid Deserves.

What you need to know: Becoming an educator isn’t just about taking on loans and passing tests. It’s also about getting your personal path to becoming a teacher successfully underway.

  • Know the details
  • Get the answers and support you need
  • Meet deadlines and criteria
  • Establish relationships that can help you

Understand the Licensure Process: Picking the right licensure pathway is the first step.  For most areas of teaching, this chart outlines a clear pathway to licensure.

If you want to teach in Career and Technical Education, use this chart to plan your path towards licensure.

Testing and Licensure: Every teacher-to-be knows a thing or two about taking tests. This chart highlights the tests required to teach in Oregon.

Financial Expectations: You probably already have thought about the cost of tuition and fees for college but we have provided a guide to help estimate those costs keeping in mind unique requirements specific to teacher preparation programs.  There are also costs beyond your college costs that include a fee for fingerprinting, test costs, and licensure fees. Learn more at the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices. NOTE:  Licensure fees will be increasing as of January 1, 2016. 

Let’s get you started! To see if teaching is right for you:

  • Explore various grades, ages and environments to identify what matches with your interest by visiting classrooms, talking with teachers you know and volunteering.  Be aware that there are more job openings in certain grade levels and content areas.
  • Find out what is required to apply to your college or university’s teacher education program by talking to an advisor in the program.
  • Fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (known as the FAFSA). This will determine how much federal assistance you are eligible to receive. Research what additional financial assistance you can use to help pay for your degree in teaching by visiting the Financial Aid page at the college or university you want to attend.  Also visit the website of the Office of Student Access and Completion to learn about the difference between Financial Aid, Grants and Scholarships.
  • Volunteer in a classroom(s) to get experience and ask for a letter of recommendation usually required for admission to a teacher education program.
  • Complete your general education course requirements (this is the same as the first two years of courses that are required for any bachelor’s degree. Be aware that some colleges of education may have specific advice for you on which general education courses would be best to take so meet with an education program advisor.)
  • Plan on meeting with an education advisor at your college or university to also discuss what content classes you will need for the particular level or content area you want to teach. There are different courses required depending on if you are an elementary teacher or if you teach a subject at the middle or high school level.
  • Keep your resume updated and add your experiences related to teaching (summer camp counselor, youth program volunteer, tutor, etc.).
  • Start monitoring where the jobs are in Oregon schools.
  • Head to a career fair about teaching in Oregon.

Shape the Future. Teach in Oregon.

Let’s get you to the classroom!

There are so many good reasons to become an educator in Oregon. Follow your personal path to a fulfilling and empowering career as a teacher:

Education Programs

All you need to know about where to go..for college and university, that is.

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Testing and Licensure

Your time to shine – in three easy steps. Pass the test, get your license, find a classroom.

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The best and brightest are teachers. Join them here and join them now.

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