Before College

High School Student Hoping to Become a Teacher

Before CollegeWant to teach in Oregon someday?

Good. We need you! Teaching is one of the most amazing and rewarding careers. By becoming an educator in Oregon you will:

  • Impact the next generation of students
  • Be a role model for your community
  • Earn respect and gratitude from adults you admire

Is teaching the right career for you?

Right now, you can follow these steps to help get you in a classroom one day:

  • Talk to your school counselor about courses needed to graduate from high school and enter college.
  • Find volunteer opportunities to confirm that teaching is for you and to add to your resume. Contact a local school to help you spend time shadowing a teacher or volunteering in a classroom. Although experiences like summer camps and youth programs are helpful, they do not give you the best insights on the responsibilities held by a teacher or help you consider what grade levels fit you the best. Plus many teacher education programs require volunteer experience as part of their admission requirements.
  • Many teachers begin their education after high school at one of Oregon’s 17 community colleges. This can be a viable option to save on the higher costs of college/university tuition and resident housing costs that you won’t need if you can start your education close to where you live. It is critical to tell your counselor and the community college advisor that you plan to eventually transfer to an educator preparation program so that you take the right courses that transfer into the college that you are seeking to enter.

    With the help of Oregon Promise, you may be able to save even more while you are attending the first two years of college.

    For those who earn an Associate level degree at a community college and then work in industry, selecting the right courses during your first two years then makes it easier to transfer when you are ready to start your education program.  

  • Review the colleges/universities you would like to attend and review information on their educator preparation programs. Colleges and Universities
  • Complete all the necessary requirements to be admitted to the college or university of your choice (sometimes this includes taking an ACT or SAT test).
  • Find out what the requirements are to apply to the Educator Preparation Programs that you are exploring (This admission process is in addition to the initial admission process used to apply to the college or university).
  • Research and apply for scholarships and pay attention to financial aid deadlines. Estimating Costs to Become a Teacher

Shape the Future. Teach in Oregon.

Let’s get you to the classroom!

There are so many good reasons to become an educator in Oregon. Follow your personal path to a fulfilling and empowering career as a teacher:

Education Programs

All you need to know about where to go..for college and university, that is.

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Testing and Licensure

Your time to shine – in three easy steps. Pass the test, get your license, find a classroom.

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The best and brightest are teachers.  Join them here and join them now.

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